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The Bathymetrics Data Portal enables you to search, purchase and automatically download the best available water depths information for your area of interest.

Deriving Bathymetry from satellite imagery is a low-cost, environmentally friendly alternative. It offers reliable data from all around the world and delivers data fast.

Easy access to bathymetry data

The Bathymetrics Data Portal is the world’s first online shop for bathymetry data. It enables you to:

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Accurate bathymetry data directly from our online store to your computer.

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Search for bathymetric data covering your area of interest and pay by the square kilometer.

Ready-to-use bathymetry data

We provide easy access to a range of the worlds most advanced bathymetry data products, delivered in ready-to-use data formats

Access global and local scale data

Our continuously expanding database offers high resolution data for localized projects; and large volume, lower resolution data for global and international projects.

Stay up-to-date

The portal is constantly updated with new and improved data, providing you with the best bathymetric information around the world. If we don't have your area covered already, then tell us - we will then source the best available data for you.

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High quality and ready-to-use data

The Bathymetrics Data Portal uses the best-in-class satellite imagery and state-of-the-art physical based modeling. Backed by 15 years of experience it has a proven track record for delivering high quality reliable water depth information. This is what you can expect from our data:


Our satellite-based high resolution Bathymetry products provide a single depth value for every two to ten meters of the seafloor, as well as a certainty indicator for each data point’s accuracy.


The default XYZ file format ensures smooth integration with all domain specific software. Plus, the data can be delivered in any other GIS-ready format.

Large-scale coverages

We have included several large-scale datasets for direct download, making it easy for you to instantly get bathymetry data for your area of interest in a ready-to-go data format.


With The Bathymetrics Data Portal, high resolution and accurate global bathymetric data is now within easy reach.

Simple, online ordering and delivery for rapid data deployment

Integration with onshore, subsurface and other data in your project

Free from mobilisation and permits; no international border issues

Off-the-shelf GIS-ready bathymetry for rapid delivery

Reduces time and risk planning for marine and seismic surveys

Free from environmental impact on the survey site

Use cases

The Bathymetrics Data Portal has provided many companies and organizations with valuable bathymetry data.

We are particularly proud of the contributions that we made to the following projects:


The Danish Environmental Protection Agency

Challenge: Lacking detailed and up-to-date bathymetry data for the Danish coastal areas. The bathymetry data is required for detailed modelling and management of the inner Danish waters.

Solution: Expanding the existing coarse and dated Danish bathymetry model with up-to-date and high resolution satellite-derived Bathymetry making it possible to perform detailed numerical modelling in support to the Danish Water Plan.

Dragør, Denmark

NIRAS/ Dragør Municipality

Challenge: Performing a detailed numerical modelling study of waves and water levels in Dragør harbour under a tight deadline, but lacking input data in a sufficient level of detail and accuracy.

Solution: Using high resolution satellite-derived bathymetry delivered within a few working days to obtain detailed knowledge of sand waves, longshore bars, reefs and other similar features providing solid model results, while keeping the costs low.

Antigua & Barbuda

UK governmental institutions

Challenge: Analysing the effect of Hurricane Irma and securing marine resources that support sustainable economic growth and poverty in the Commonwealth Small Island Developing States.

Solution: A 2m Satellite-derived Bathymetry model was derived for the islands, one from before the hurricane hit, and one after it had passed, to be able to identify changes caused by the storm and re-establish safe passage for ship traffic.

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“NIRAS has used high resolution bathymetry data from DHI GRAS for a detailed wave and water level study in Denmark. The bathymetry data was derived from satellites in an impressive high resolution. With the surface coverage, it was possible to see detailed morphological variations such as longshore bars, sand waves and other similar features, which are not normally seen in traditional measurements with that level of detail. It clearly made the subsequent modelling much more valid. The product is price-wise very competitive compared to traditional survey methods.”

Klavs Bundgaard,
Senior project manager

About DHI

DHI is a global leader in solving the world’s toughest challenges in water environments – using knowledge gained from over 50 years of dedicated research and real-life experience in 140 countries. We have provided satellite-based information of shallow waters for more than 15 years.

With The Bathymetrics Data Portal we have demonstrated our capabilities in providing both intuitive tools and innovative mapping products based on satellite imagery.